Disciplines: Yoga Dance – “New Yoga Groove Foundation launched by Liza Sanfilippo”

yoga charityLiza Sanfilippo has launched a new yoga charity called the Yoga Groove Foundation. It is to help support teachers who are running projects in communities where people don’t have access to yoga but would benefit from it.

Yoga in the community

I’ve always thought that yoga has the ability to transform and empower not just individuals but communities too and I think that it is a fantastic cause. I recently wrote about the amazing work at the Special Yoga Centre in Kensal Rise. Speaking to its founder, Jo, reminded me how yoga helps people find inner strength and peace when life around them is particularly turbulent and troublesome. Furthermore it facilitates communication and understanding which affects the whole community, or family.

Yoga for teenagers

At the Special Yoga Centre, they teach children with special needs and recently, they started a workshop specifically for teenagers. I found another place where yoga was used to help teenagers during a reunion of a fantastic youth programme called Life Beat. It is a bi-annual 1-week ‘retreat’ for teenagers from deprived backgrounds who are on the verge of marginalization from society. During the week, the young people are taught a wide range of creative arts and yoga and meditation are a very important part of it. At the reunion I saw a group of inspiring young people who have confidence, individuality and control. I believe that yoga can truly help us to understand what is causing us suffering and pain and making our lives difficult to manage. I am sure that yoga would have made everyone’s life easier if I’d known about it when I was a particularly angry teenager!

Yoga helps people to calm their thoughts and their emotions and to retune themselves with their innermost being. Without a doubt, this is something that everyone and anyone can benefit greatly from. I hope that we will see even more charitable yoga projects appearing through the work of the Yoga Groove Foundation.

Get involved!

You can attend the launch of the Yoga Groove Foundation this weekend for free. http://ht.ly/2bZEq

There is also the first Yoga Groove Festival happening in September: http://www.yogagroovefestival.com/Home.html

For more information on the Yoga Groove Foundation go to http://www.yogagroovefestival.com/The_Foundation.html

Follow Lisa on Twitter: http://twitter.com/yogagroovefest


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