Yogi Lifestyle: Exercises – “A Simple Breathing Exercise to Calm Your Mind”

yoga breathing exercise

'188: I sometimes forget how to breathe' by bronx on Flickr

I’m not an expert on breathing but I learnt this simple exercise in a yoga class that I find really useful to do during the day, especially when my head is busy with too many ideas and thoughts. I like this image  because it makes me grasp for breath and reminds me how good it is to breathe!

Before you start breathing exercises, make sure that you are sitting comfortably. You can be crossed legged, kneeling or sitting on chair, if you’re in the office. I personally like to do it lying down, legs rolled outwards, arms, loose away from your body.

Calm your mind

This is a quick way to control, lengthen and calm your breath. When you slow down your breath, your body and your consciousness calm at the same time. Your consciousness rides the wave of your breathe, so by slowing and controlling your breath, you can also control and calm your thoughts.

Lengthening and slowing your breath

Breath in for 2 counts

Breath out for 2 counts

Breath in for 3 counts

Breath out for 3 counts

Repeat this with increasing counts up until you reach 10 counts breathing in and 10 counts breathing out.

Try it on a friend

It’s fun to do it on someone else too. Make them lie down and talk them through, counting out loud for them. It can be strange at first but by 10, the person is visibly much calmer (and happier!)

Let me know how it goes!


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