Centre: West London – “Jivamukti Yoga Centre, Ladbroke Grove”

What is Jivamukti?

Being new to Jivamukti, I arrived assuming that it would be just slightly different from my usual Ashtanga and Dynamic practices. The movements are similar, but the sequence is much faster and there are some interesting touches that add an element of individuality, creativity and fun.

Stylish touches

This funky modern yoga centre has a friendly feel to it, with a few people lingering around the reception, chatting easily. It has a very clean feel to it, being situated in an office building, but a lovely fresh yoga smell. More like aromatic oils than incense. The design is very subtly stylish, without being overwhelmingly cool. Nice features include a small tea and juice kiosk, book shelves, soft bathroom lighting, interesting pictures, large white bathroom sinks. The studios are large and bright.

I was at first surprised when the teacher came around and rubbed a smelly cream on to my shoulders and lower back. It felt amazing in fact, and really helped to relax those areas.

My second surprise was the music. The first time I went, the teacher played a mix of house music, trance and pop/rock. It was very upbeat and quite fun. The second time I went, the teacher started the class with Kirtan – music and chanting, which was a great way to start the class.

All of the teachers at Jivamukti are very insipiring individuals who add their own unique style to the class. It makes yoga interesting and maximises your chances of finding someone who you really really like. So use the joining offer of £10 for 10 consecutive days to visit as many different teachers as you can, and you might find the right one for you.

Uplifting and energising Yoga

The movement is quite fast in Jivamukti and we went through a set of poses in quick succession,  so you don’t have long to get your alignment right. The upbeat class is very invigorating but watch out if you’re low on energy, perhaps go for a style which is more restorative.


Address: 300 Kensal Road, Units 136-137, London, W10 5BE (see map)

Telephone: 020 8960 3999

Email: info@jivamuktiyoga.co.uk

Website: http://www.jivamuktiyoga.co.uk/index.html


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