Centre: North London – “Bikram Yoga Centre, Queens Park / Kilburn”

Is Hot Yoga right for you?

There are so many horror stories about hot yoga but it’s not as scary as people like to make out. I personally don’t like hot yoga, because my body is not very good with extreme temperatures. It left me feeling completely knocked out and I went to about 6 sessions before I gave up. Maybe that wasn’t enough. Read more about Bikram yoga

Bikram North

Bikram North is one of three yoga centres called ‘Bikram Yoga’. The reception is quite friendly but more like a fitness club than a yoga centre. You won’t find much incense or many chanting CDs here. The changing rooms are decent but can get overcrowded as everyone needs a shower after Bikram, unlike other yoga forms.

The studio has low ceilings as it is all rigged up with the extremely powerful heating units. It is like going in to a cocoon. There are mirrors and mats hanging along the hot pipes around the walls. Using someone else’s sweaty mat seems a bit disgusting but as soon as you step in, you realize that you are at one with everyone’s hotness anyway.

There is a little courtyard where you can cool off and replenish lost liquids with some fresh juices. No one was using it when I was there but in the summer I imagine it would be quite a nice place to rest after a strenuous session.

The Bikram Teacher

The Bikram teachers recite the set routine through a headset. The ones who taught me were all extremely lean and didn’t seem to sweat a drop. They ask the regular ‘anything I should know about?’ and give a few words of advice and encouragement. However, it feels that they are just reading off a script so I didn’t feel any connection with the teacher of the other students. You could say, it left me feeling cold.

The other students

I found that most of the students were new to it, and very hesitant. Out of classes of around 50 only 5-10 were regulars. Some people looked like they’d been giving it their all but looked a bit disheartened as they limped to class and out again. The upside is that teachers and others are used to nervous newbies, the downside is that they have lost a natural empathy for nervous newbies because there are so many of us.

I would recommend you give it a go if you’re curious, it’s not going to be a hellish experience. Try a few and see what you think – if you like the heat and want to get seriously fit, go for it!

  • Yoga Styles: Bikram
  • Private Classes: No
  • Studios: 1 large heated studio
  • Classes/wk: 36
  • From/To: 6.45 am – 9 pm
  • Class length: 90 mins
  • Prices: £14 drop in, 10 classes = £110, 30 day unlimited = £145 (other options available, see full rates)
  • Special offers: £29 for 30 days unlimited for beginners

Changing Room: Decent changing rooms with communal showers and lockers

Equipment: Used sweaty mats provided!

Reception: Very efficient but a little bit cold perhaps.

Typical visitor: More athletic than in some yoga classes, more men and a lot of people who are in a hurry to get fit.

Other services: They have a cafe in the courtyard selling fresh juices.


Website: http://www.bikramyoga.co.uk/intro.html

See map


2 thoughts on “Centre: North London – “Bikram Yoga Centre, Queens Park / Kilburn”

  1. Went to the class when I was studying in London. The only downside for me at the branch is that the shower is too small and have to wait for too long but satisfied in overall term.

  2. I totally agree with the above article. I went to one in the city for the first time last week and quite honestly I found the whole experience torturous and was deeply unimpressed by the lack of facilities especially as yes u need a shower and i think there is maybe 2 or 3 and no room to change and recover, it was packed, as was the yoga room itself. it was like being at a rock concert!
    I have practiced yoga for 12 years so i am pretty competant but i did’nt last ten minutes before i got complete claustrophobia , dizziness and nearly blacked out. i was not allowed to leave the room – they really discourage it which I found intimidating and ridiculous to be honest and i could not agree more how this somehow takes away from your asana practice – ur just trying to cope!!! The heat made things almost come to a stand still for me as my energy was sapped.

    So, popoular as it seems to be, each to their own but it aint for me. I also find it pretty weird to copyright a yoga??!!! Not very yogic. I also really question how much pressure this is putting on your heart when there are severe warnings for saunas and they are nowhere near as hot not are you doing challenging asanas in a sauna!! My body hated it and was screaming blue murder at me and – in my book – u listen to your body.

    Just my feelings, but i know others who run there!


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