Meditation: In the Every Day – “On the Tube”

I think that the School of Meditation did a great job with the placement of their advert. The Tube is a place where your head is constantly running over the past and the future. If you just use the Tube journey to clear your head, you might get on better with the rest of your day.

I enjoy journeys across London and use them for a moment of calm. This might be because the biggest agitation in my life is the information overload coming through my computer. At least on the Tube you are protected by a warm layer of earth from the wifi and mobile waves flying around in the city above.

London School of Meditation on Tube

The text reads…

There’s a beautifully simple way to cope with the increasing pace of life. It’s called stopping. A natural inner stillness exists in all of us and when we tap into it we can find clarity, reason and a feeling that, whatever it is, it’s ok, I can deal with it. Meditation helps to find that stillness. For two brief periods a day, all the thoughts constantly rushing around in our heads and the feelings of anxiety, fear and regret they often bring, can simply be let go. No worrying about tomorrow or what happened yesterday. Meditation leads us to focus on the only time we ever truly have. Now. A real sense of oneness, unity and ease with the world can follow. It’s not bad, that. And with regular practice, that sense can soon start to permeate the rest of your day.

The School of Meditation exists to teach people how to meditate. We have regular open evenings so people can come and find out if it feels right for them. For times and dates, call 02076036116 or visit


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