Yogi Lifestyle: Personal Experience “Adventure Yoga and a Healthy Way of Life”

My love affair with yoga started in my university Fresher’s week in 1996.  My first yoga teacher inspired me to keep it up throughout university. Afterwards I went on to travel in India and spent 3 months in Rishikesh continuing my studies in one of the infamous ashrams that hug the Ganges.  It was an awe-inspiring trip.

Now, I am doing my yoga teacher training at The Life Centre in Notting Hill, from where I will qualify in 2011. I look back on one teacher who has probably had the most influence on me.  She combined Sivananda with other styles of yoga, namely Yin yoga, Scaravelli and the Bihar style of yoga. I now have many different styles that I practice according to my mood, energy level and needs.

I am also an Acupuncturist and run my practice from www.thewestover.com in London.  My passion is complementary Medicine and everything related to it.  I love helping people in their journey to find balance, health & wellbeing.

The great outdoors is my medicine and I enjoy it in every way possible.  I incorporate my love of adventure with my love of yoga, into my yoga retreat company: www.adventureyogi.com

I would love to help people find the teacher and the style best suited to them.  The beauty of yoga is that you can choose a class to suit your mood.  If you want to energise yourself, go for Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow but don’t neglect the quieter restorative classes when your body needs a break.  We are all different and respond individually not only to the style but also to the teacher.  And this, I feel, is the key to ensuring you experience the joys of yoga to the full.


One thought on “Yogi Lifestyle: Personal Experience “Adventure Yoga and a Healthy Way of Life”

  1. So cool, I combine my love of the outdoors with yoga to make me a better trail runner. You got your peanut butter in my chocolate! nice 😉


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